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Maud: The Life of L. M. Montgomery Harry Bruce 09/19/2002 n/a Biography Not too bad, some nice pictures, but a bit sensationalised I felt.
The Alpine Path - The Story of My Career L. M. Montgomery 09/18/2002 n/a Autobiography I've read some of her diaries before a while ago, so I knew a lot of what she was saying already but this book was still an interesting read. Recommended.
Obernewtyn Isobelle Carmody 09/05/2002 Obernewtyn Fantasy I didn't really expect to enjoy reading this book as much as I did. I look forward to the sequals.
Magician: Master Raymond E. Feist 08/30/2002 Riftwar Saga Fantasy After finishing this story, I immediately went and bought the next 4 books in the series so that I could read them whenever I wanted to!
Magician: Apprentice Raymond E. Feist 08/26/2002 Riftwar Saga Fantasy A really good story. I enjoyed it very much.
Invoking Darkness Jeanne Cavelos 08/22/2002 Passing of the Techno-Mages Sci-Fi This book kinda shocked me by ending well! I really liked it.
Summoning Light Jeanne Cavelos 08/21/2002 Passing of the Techno-Mages Sci-Fi A good book, although kinda depressing. A good addition to the Babylon 5 universe I thought.
Storm Front Jim Butcher 08/19/2002 Dresdon Files Sci-Fi I quite enjoyed this. A bit gory at times, but good story.
Acorna's World Anne McCaffrey 08/2002 Tales of the Unicorn Girl Sci-Fi Pretty good book, I'm enjoying this series more then I was.
Gryphon's Eyrie Andre Norton & A.C. Crispin 08/13/2002 Saga of the Gryphon Fantasy I enjoyed this book quite a lot.. Although it seemed to be the second in a series.
Timeline Michael Crichton 08/05/2002 n/a Sci-Fi Very good book, some really interesting ideas and realistic characters.
Dinosaur Planet Survivers Anne McCaffrey 08/2002 Dinosaur Planet Sci-Fi In Sassinak it sorts tells the story of this book but without all the details. It was good to read the details, now it makes sense!
Idoru William Gibson 07/24/2002 n/a Sci-Fi Really good.. Gibson has a way of taking our current culture and technology and imagining where it will be in the near future, making it all believeable. I loved it.
Bone from a Dry Sea Peter Dickinson 07/11/2002 n/a Neat book.
The Time Machine H.G. Wells 06/25/2002 n/a Sci-Fi Really neat! Amazing for it's time.
Destiny Elizabeth Haydon 06/16/2002 Fantasy Good ending to the trilogy. Look forward to reading more of her work when it comes out.
The Gods Themselves Isaac Asimov 05/2002 n/a Sci-Fi Really neat! I liked the format of the book, 3 stories, basically about the same events but from different points of view. It's a short book, so read it and see what you think.
Earth David Brin 05/2002 n/a Sci-Fi Amazing book.
The Secret Of Spring Piers Anthony
Jo Anne Taeusch
05/2002 n/a Kinda cute.. A fun read.
Telempath Spider Robinson 05/18/2002 n/a Sci-Fi Ends up with everyone so happy it's amazing. Left me feeling good.
Dune: House Corrino Brian Herbert,
Kevin J. Anderson
05/15/2002 Dune prequel Sci-Fi Pretty good. Wraps things up well. I hope they now take it upon themselves to write sequals to Chapterhouse: Dune!
Neuromancer William Gibson 05/01/2002 n/a Sci-Fi Have wanted to read this for a long time... It was good. I'll have to read it again soon.
Dune: House Harkonnen Brian Herbert,
Kevin J. Anderson
03/23/2002 Dune prequel Sci-Fi Very consistant with other 6 books by Frank Herbert, interesting character development, explains some things in greater detail. Not the most pleasent read if you're squeamish, but I think worth reading if you're a Dune fan, as I certainly am!
Dune: House Atreides Brian Herbert,
Kevin J. Anderson
03/22/2002 Dune prequel Sci-Fi
Flavours Donna Hay 01/29/2002 n/a Cookbook Neat ideas, lots of pictures. It all looks tasty. (I'm ignoring/updating the red meat recipes)
3001 Final Odyssey Arthur C. Clarke 01/29/2002 2001 Sci-Fi Final books in series.. I recommand 'em all. I love the real science behind the stories.
2061 Odyssey Three Arthur C. Clarke 01/29/2002 2001 Sci-Fi
The World of Cheese Evan Jones 01/15/2002 n/a Cookbook Great info! I've been sprouting cheese trivia at odd intervals ever since reading this.
Spindle's End Robin McKinley 01/10/2002 n/a Fantasy Retelling of Sleeping Beauty. Amazing.
Songmaster Orson Scott Card 01/05/2002 n/a ? A bit dramatic I found, but really neat ideas.
Inspirations The Girls Who Dish 01/05/2002 n/a Cookbook Recipes look good. What can I say? I look forward to trying them.
Flashforward Robert Sawyer 01/04/2002 n/a Sci-Fi Nead idea, makes me think. Also made me kinda sad, but I don't know why.
2010 Odyssey Two Arthur C. Clarke 01/03/2002 2001 Sci-Fi Really really neat. Ending surprised me.
The Hollow Hills Mary Stewart 01/02/2002 Crystal Cave Fiction Excellent! Artherian legend from Merlin's point of view.
The Crystal Cave Mary Stewart 12/2001 Crystal Cave Fiction
Calculating God Robert Sawyer 12/2001 n/a Sci-Fi Amazing. I made all my friends read it. I highly recommend you read it if you like books that make you think.
Heartfire Orson Scott Card 12/2001 Alven Maker Fantasy Entire series was really neat to read - I basically read it in 3 days. I look forward to more books. Like all of his books that I've read, they make me think and make me kinda happy. They're kinda a alternate history of the United States, one with a kind of magic.
Alven Journeyman Orson Scott Card 12/2001 Alven Maker Fantasy
Prentice Alven Orson Scott Card 12/2001 Alven Maker Fantasy
Red Prophet Orson Scott Card 12/2001 Alven Maker Fantasy
Seventh Son Orson Scott Card 12/2001 Alven Maker Fantasy
2001 Space Odyssey Arthur C. Clarke 12/2001 2001 Sci-Fi Very good, and the movie makes sense now!
Brightly Burning Mercedes Lackey late 2001 Valdermer Fantasy Finally learn about Lavan Firestorm.
Calahans Key Spider Robinson late 2001 Calahan Sci-Fi A fun read - probably should read series first.
Prophecy Elizabeth Haydon late 2001 Fantasy Enjoyed books more then expected. Very good if you like fantasy. Can't wait for 3rd book.
Raphsody Elizabeth Haydon late 2001 Fantasy
Shadow of the Hedgemon Orson Scott Card late 2001 Shadow Sci-Fi Sequal to Ender's Shadow. Very good. Can't wait to read more.
Deerskin Robin McKinley Mid 2001 n/a Fantasy I liked it. Kinda sad.
The Fire Rose Mercedes Lackey Mid 2001 n/a Fantasy Ends suddenly, kinda odd, but I enjoyed it...