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Singer, jeweller, dreamer, artist, thinker, framer, creater, cook, meal planner, bookkeeper, partner, lover, sister, homeschooled, science fiction fan... these are all names that are mine. I want to be and am working on being: biker, dancer, website designer, healer, gardener, writer, band member, clothing designer, photographer, nutritionalist, computer wizard and business owner.
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Just in case anyone is looking at this page, I thought I'd mention that there is an updated jewellery section! Feel free to take a look and let me know what you think... It's only temporary, but I wanted to post something.

My name is Katie Kelly. I live in Powell River, on the west coast of Canada. Take out an atlas and look me up. See that little line showing the seperation between BC and the Pacific Ocean? That line is where I live. One of the most beautiful places I know.

"I like galaxies!" -me in May of 1999

I am happy a lot of the time, and when I am happy I laugh. I am shy in large groups but can talk forever with just one or a few people who I am comfortable with.

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Anyone visiting my site recently will no doubt have noticed that I haven't updated in a long time. I've been spending that time doing quite a few things, one of which is learning more about web design. This site was my first attempt. I have many plans for what to do with this site in the future, and one day may find the time to actually do something with those plans. In the meantime, here's something small to show to anyone who just might happen upon this site and think that I am dead, that I'm still alive and kicking (or perhaps "snapping"?). Enjoy this preview of things to come.

If anyone happens to be interested enough that they'd like to be informed by email of whenever I do update the site like I've been trying to do for several years, feel free to email me and ask to be added to a list that I will create if anyone actually writes. (Take a deep breath.. I know that was a long sentence.) I promise that not only would I never ever sell or give away your email address, I will actually erase your email address once I've sent out the 1 mass email message to inform people of new stuff on the site, unless you specifically ask to recieve further updates that I may or may not ever send out! Yes, it's another long sentence. I'm done now. You can breath normally again. Thank you for your attention.

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