July 2002
June 2002


Busy busy busy. That's what I am! Yep. I just finished doing a spat of framing for the Windspirit Gallery. At least this time I took the time to eat properly - and I made the shocking discovery that taking breaks and even going home actually helps! Woo woo.

I also get to go to Texada Island tomorrow - and maybe sell some of my jewellery. Should be lots of fun! We'll see how I do there. Right now I'm trying to make beaded "gloves". I can sorta picture them, I just need to figure out how to get them out of my head and into reality.

The image that I've been wanting to draw since the last time I was in Victoria is still haunting me. I've got to figure out how to get it onto paper. It shows a girl looking out of a window.. I wonder why she caught my attention so strongly. I've got to get it onto paper... Maybe I'll try tonight.

And I'm afraid that after all that reading of web comics is effecting me... I'm starting to want to do one myself. I have a couple of ideas but I don't know which one I'll go with. Thoughts? I like what they're doing at Electric Sheep, that's probably what I'll eventually do. I like the idea of a real webcomic - something that uses html to the fullest, with something that would only really work on the web.Seems like a good idea anyway...

And someone wants our 2 beautiful hazlenut trees now! - says if we ever want to cut them down he would have a use for them. Already people have offered to buy (or at least "take off our hands") our front door, twice, but now people want our trees too? Odd. I admit that the house and property are beautiful, and I think it's funny that people want specific parts of it. Oh, and the last owners of the house told me recently that part of their plans for the garden was to add a hedge of blueberry bushes to it.. If only they had done so long ago! I have a major weakness for blueberries. Yum!



First day of seafair was today.. Why can't carnivels and things like that serve decent food? We looked and looked, but only one place had salads and you had to buy either prawns or beef (neither of which we like) to get it. Oh well. We went home and I made a big yummy salad, and then we had the leftover huckleberry ice cream that I made a few days ago! But we also had "mexican fish and chips" which were incredible. (the fish was deep fried in batter, but was then put in a tortilla with tomatoes and lettuce and stuff. Odd, but yummy!)

2 days till my birthday... I can't wait! We're going to Lund and Terry is lending us her car, but we have to wait for a car to explode before we can get hers. Confused? I'll explain later! Woo woo.

I'm doing this in Bbedit instead of Dreamweaver now. It goes much faster. Dreamweaver can't keep up with my typing. I guess it's too busy editing source code or something. Oh well. This works!

And I sold jewellery today! To the Holtenwood Gallery. I'm happy. I really hope it sells well for them. They really do have a beautiful place, and they know how to display jewellery! So many of the other places where I sell jewellery don't display it proplerly. It goes in cabinets and sorta disappears. It needs direct light! Well, I look forward to seeing how it does there.




If someone offered you $200 to eat a small bug, would you do it? Ponder this.

Oh, I'm not offering you $200, this is a purely hypothetical question!



Yesterday was my birthday! Sorry I missed you Karen, I was watching Total Recall (the movie). I had a fun day, Joseph and I started the day by making Carmelised Apple Crepes for breakfast (yum!) and then watching a car sorta explode then going and having a big lunch at the Laughing Oyster and then going to lund and then going and getting out a movie (Total Recall!) and watching it and then going to bed. Oh and after breakfast and before the car exploding I opened presents! I'm wearing one of them now. It's a nice shirt. Very blue. I like blue. Specially if I'm wearing it. Yesterday though, I was wearing green, (which I also like) a nice green dress. I got more compliments on it then I have on anything that I've worn in the last year! Strange. I admit though, it's a beautiful dress.

Perhaps that's enough of that for now? I will talk about Total Recall now, cause I have been thinking about it a lot. (---Watch out.. I'm not going to be very specific, but there may be spoilers!---) I thought it was a great movie, but kinda ruined by the "hollywood ending". (There's no way that the exciting conclusion would have happened in time to save the main characters lives! It would have been much more believeable if it would happen in a period of at least a year or so. Not that I know much science, but I'm pretty sure that I'm right.) I hate hollywood endings! Not that I think that everyone necessairly has to die to make it believeable, but at least make it a bit more reasonable! We're going to watch Blade Runner soon, but we're going to watch the directers cut version which apparently has a more sensible ending. Yay!

Oh, and I promissed to explain the exploding car, didn't I? Well, it's not that interesting. It was just that there was this car that some people were going to blow up by running without oil or water.. and they had a raffle where you could guess exactly when it would blow up. It wasn't actually all that exciting, it wasn't that the car would explode, just the engine.. But instead it just stalled. Then the started it up again but it just stopped again. They very well may have ruined the engine, but it didn't explode. It was kinda anticlimactic. Oh well, it was kinda funny, and I didn't enter the raffle.

This is the last day that we can do campaigning for the proportional representation campaign.. So we're probably gonna go out later. I hope it works out. I'll talk more about it later maybe.



Just got back from Vancouver. Late last night in fact. I'm kinda tired now. But the trip was good. Now there's lots of things that have to be done in the next 3 days, but I can't do any of them until we get some information. So I am in "busy busy busy" mode but can't do any of it yet. So I go grocery shopping and read a book and stuff like that. Oh well. Maybe I really can do all the things that I want to do with Karen while she's visiting.

Did I mention that Karen is visiting? Heho.

While we were in Vancouver, the three of us (Karen, Joseph, me) went to the Moby concert that was at the Plaza of Nations right by GM place. It was pretty incredible. It may well have been the most enjoyable concert I've ever been to. He's so energetic! And enthuastic.

On Friday is the blackberry fest.. and then we're going to Victoria for 2 days and then to Alert Bay for 3-4 days and then back to Vancouver for 3 days and then back home for the Sunshine Music Fest (formerly the Folk Fest). Should be exciting. I expect that I shall be a bit tired at the end of all this.

While we were in Vancouver, we got lots of chocolate! Yummy.



There are so many judgements on people who are addicted to sex, drugs, rock n' roll... Why? Why is it any worse to spend your life, say, having phone sex every night then working every day at a job you totally hate As long as you're not hurting anyone else I don't see the problem. Even if you're doing something that would cause many people to think that you needed councelling, is that really a problem if it isn't hurting anyone? Does it really matter if once in a while I'm upset with my partner though it's actually related to a parent? Maybe if I really wanted to change it then something like councelling would be a good idea. But maybe I don't really mind since I am basically a very happy person. (Please write to me if you feel like commenting. I'm curious what you'd think.)

I wonder if perhaps the halfhearted attempt at a blog by someone who doesn't really do much, who moved in with her boyfriend when she was 18 and is still quite happily living with him might be a bit boring. I hope not. It seems like the interesting stories are about people who are restless wanderers. I do have wild dreams, of buying a van, taking my art and jewellery supplies and computer and driving all over the place selling my artwork, but I don't do them. Someday maybe.

Someone sent me some email messages a few days ago that made me think about things in the midst of my busy life. Thank you. I've been trying to do too many things in the past little while, (preparing for a vacation etc) so I haven't been thinking "deep thoughts" lately. Of course I don't usually plan to have an amazing revelation, it happens whenever it wants to. Though it seems to happen more often when I read a lot...

Speaking of that, I just finished the last Babylon 5 - The Passing of the Techno-Mages book, and it surprised me by having a really neat and happy ending. I didn't expect it! Not that it was the dispised hollywood ending, but it ended up with the main character finding some peace and happyness. I wouldn't recommend reading it until you watch the entire series though. Woo woo! Babylon 5 totally rocks. It may very well be my favourite television show in the world.

Tomorrow is the blackberry fest. I'll be busy busy busy. Hopefully I'll sell some jewellery. If I don't write tomorrow I probably won't right for a while. So, I will talk to you soon.

At least if anyone out there is reading this...