Nut Milk If I run out of milk or milk substitute and need to make some for a recipe, then I just whip up a batch of nut milk in my blender. Vegan!

Ingredients: (approximate amounts)

About 1/4 cup nuts (hemp nuts, almonds, cashews or any other nuts)
3/4 cups water (purified)
1 tsp honey or cane sugar (optional)
pinch of nutmeg (optional)


Put the nuts into the blender, and blend dry for a few seconds, longer for hard nuts like almonds. Add water, and blend for a minute or 2 until smooth.

It's ready to use now if you're just adding to a baking recipe. You can strain it if you wish, (I never do) and flavour it if desired. If you do this, and try it for drinking, let me know how it turns out! You can have more or less nuts depending on how you want it.

Makes about a cup. Can be doubled easily. Best used when fresh.

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