2 Salad
Apple Cider Vinegar is extremely good for you. It's about the only vinegar that actively helps your system. If you refridgerate salad dressings made with olive oil then the oil will partially solidify. If you shake it vigerously it will soften again, or you can use a mixture of oils. It looks kinda odd, but there is nothing wrong with it. Vegan!

Ingredients: (approximate amounts)

#1 dressing:
Oil - extra virgin olive, flax, hemp, or any type of suplimental oil that you wish to use
Lemon juice

#2 dressing:
Apple Cider Vinegar
Oil (same as above)
Cayenne pepper


# 1 dressing:

Pour 2 parts oil, 1 part tamari and 1 part lemon juice into a jar. Whisk or shake well. Pour over Katie's Favourite Salad or any salad.

#2 dressing:

1 part apple cider vinegar, 1/2 part honey, 1 1/2 part oil and dash of cayenne. Treat the same as the above. This dressing is incredibly good for you.

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